UHA “Artist Spotlight” presents: CISSA PAZ – DC’s own Brazilian Songstress

(Urban Heat presents: “Artist Spotlight” – A monthly in depth feature highlighting artists locally and around the globe who excel in the Arts.)


    The energy began to build both inside and outside of the Bossa Bistro & Lounge on a mildly-warm August night in DC’s Adams Morgan neighborhood. Fans, friends and family buzzed with anticipation while gathering to celebrate the birthday of the amazingly talented vocalist – Cissa Paz. The Brazilian songstress celebrated her birthday doing what she loves most, delivering her amazing voice and inspiring us all to embrace life and dance a little more.

  Bossa Bistro & Lounge is a dimly lit cozy Brazilian-themed lounge nestled along a strip of restaurants, nightclubs and boutiques in the vibrant Adams Morgan neighborhood. A community long known for its cultural diversity, eclectic foods and a dynamic arts platform in which artists from all over the world share their exceptional talents. One very special artist uses this platform while perfecting her craft delivering sensational multi-cultural musical gems.

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    Cissa Paz was born in Belgium and raised in Brazil. Her musical endeavor began at an early age after she was given her first guitar by her father at age 10. Heavily influenced by samba, afoxé, forró and other Brazilian styles of music, it was in her late teens that she moved to the DC area and embraced R&B, soul and hip-hop. This exposure to such a vast array of diverse music enabled Cissa to incorporate various stylings into her own unique blend of samba sounds that cross cultural boundaries. She sings in the Portugese language and has a special bond with the music of the Lusophone (Portugese-speaking) Diaspora. Her voice is smooth and sultry perfectly complimenting the rhythmic patterns of samba melodies.


   Released in 2015, Cissa’s self-titled debut CD gives the listener quite the experience as it delivers percussive uplifting grooves that truly soothe the soul. Her music is rich in culture and crosses global boundaries. And with a beautiful stage presence and deeply melodic voice she can captivate audiences from all walks of life. The Brazilian songstress has a unique gift of unifying listeners through her music demonstrating silky-smooth vocals and inspirational force –  not to mention a smile that lights up the room!


   Her monthly performances at Bossa are a must-see. With salsa dance lessons provided before her shows, the crowd is able to groove in their own element while taking in this samba experience. Urban Heat Advisory strongly recommends you check out Cissa Paz and experience the beautiful Brazilian songstress’ amazing voice.



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-Jamaal Bailey (UHA)


Check out the video of UHA’s exclusive access to her performances and interview after she performed as part of the Hyattsville Arts & Ale Festival in Maryland.








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